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One Rule to Break--Immediately!

Most people would describe me as pretty straight-laced, but I've never really been one for following rules. In fact, as a kid, I never did as I was told. Instead, I wasn't sassy but I would question everything and only take action when the reason made logical sense, or when my parents threatened me with a stern look. This behavior irritated the adults in my life to no end and earned me a lot of time spent in time-out. I didn't see it as punishment because I would pass the time reading. 

I also came pretty close to being kicked out of Catholic school--twice--for asking too many questions and attempting to change the way things were simply because they had always been that way. My mom says I was a precocious kid, and though she says I was a "delight," I think that is her polite way of saying that I was a handful. 

I haven't changed. My favorite phrases are still, "why? "why not?" and "why can't we...?"

Truth is, we grow up accepting so many regulations that we follow without question. I know that specific rules exist to keep societal order and stability. But, unfortunately, there are those that are forced upon us and those we impose on ourselves that are meaningless and potentially harmful. Let's ditch them. In honor of Women's History Month, I want to share one commonly accepted rule I wish for every woman to reject --immediately.

Attend to everyone else's needs, and if we have any time or energy left, then (and only then) attend to ourselves. 

It's time to recognize that caregiving starts with the caretaking of one's self. So let's resolve to make this the year that we embrace the idea that self-care isn't selfish. On the contrary, it's essential.


How do you intend to show up for yourself this year? 

Recommit to the intentions  you set back in January.  What result would you like to see manifested in your life? What holistic health and wellness aspirations do you want to achieve?

I'm offering five (5) free individual 20-minute coaching sessions to help you reset your self-care clock and get your goals in gear, just in time for Spring!

Start breaking the rules that do not serve you!.  Schedule a coaching session with me today!