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  • Revolutionize Your Self-Care, Raise Your Health Esteem &

    Bring More "You" to Your Journey!

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    • Enhance your teaching effectiveness and positively influence your students' lives through intentional well-being practices.
    • Learn sustainable self-care practices that nurture your physical, emotional, and mental health.
    • Discover strategies to harmonize your teaching career with self-care to create a fulfilling work-life balance.
    • Develop the tools and techniques to navigate challenges, stressors, and burnout, emerging stronger and more resilient.



    Embrace self-compassion and prioritize your own well-being,

    recognizing that you are at the heart of an effective career as an educator.

    An Intentional Educator radiates joy, creativity, and resilience, inspiring students to reach their full potential by embodying and modeling the best practices of social-emotional wellness, physical fitness, and radical self-care.

    Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, especially for educators who are entrusted with shaping future generations. Our needs go beyond physical well-being and extend to emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

    My innovative and comprehensive approach to self-care and holistic health addresses each of these areas as well as the root causes of stress, burnout, and overwhelm.


    I support and empower educators in optimizing well-being and transforming the idea of self-care from an afterthought to an essential practice for sustainable success. Equip yourself with the tools, mindset, and strategies to thrive both personally and professionally.

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    Elevating Educators' Holistic Wellness for

    Sustainable Student Success!

    Enhance your teaching effectiveness and positively influence your students' lives through intentional well-being practices.


    The business of teaching and learning is inherently demanding and stressful. We all know that teacher burnout is a prevalent issue. Holistically healthy educators can better manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain their passion for education while also leading balanced, satisfying and meaningful lives. This resilience allows us to sustain our commitment to the learners, parents, and the profession we serve, which positively impacts overall student achievement.

    Educators are primary role models for students. When we prioritize our health and well-being, we demonstrate the importance of self-care and a balanced lifestyle, which positively influences students' attitudes toward self-care and well-being. Research supports the crucial role of social-emotional wellness in contributing to academic success.

  • Planners & Journals for Teaching, Learning & Living

    The IE Daily Educator Planner:

    • My planner provides a structured framework to effectively organize your lessons, tasks, appointments, and priorities to keep you focused and on track, with dedicated sections for planning lessons, recording notes, and tasks. You'll balance work and personal life, reducing stress and promoting self-care.
    • My planner helps you break down larger goals into actionable steps, ensuring that you stay motivated and accountable along the way. 

    Daily Reflection Journal:

    • My Daily Reflection Journal helps you cultivate self-awareness and personal growth through daily reflection prompts encouraging you to reflect on your teaching, learning, living practices, emotions, and accomplishments, fostering continuous improvement and a deeper understanding of your personal and professional journey.
    • The journal is also a safe space to express your thoughts and emotions.
    • The AM and PM journal prompts guide you to acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of your day, fostering a sense of fulfillment and contentment by practicing gratitude and celebrating your wins, no matter how small.

    By incorporating the Daily Educator Planner and the Daily Reflection Journal into your routine, you will experience the following benefits:

    • Enhanced Productivity: Stay organized, focused, and efficient in your daily tasks, making the most of your time and energy.
    • Improved Work-Life Balance: Establish boundaries and allocate time for self-care, ensuring that you prioritize your well-being alongside your professional responsibilities.
    • Increased Self-Awareness: Develop a deeper understanding of your teaching style, strengths, and areas for growth, leading to continuous reflection and professional development.
    • Emotional Well-being: Release stress, cultivate gratitude, and maintain a positive mindset, contributing to a healthier and more joyful teaching experience.
    • Accountability and Motivation: Set goals, track progress, and celebrate achievements, fueling your motivation and propelling you toward sustained success.

    Invest in Your Holistic Wellness Today With our Daily Educator Planner and Daily Reflection Journal as integral components of your holistic wellness.

  • Back to School 24-25!

    These unique undated planners with "Coloring Covers" are designed for personalization, meditation, and stress reduction.


  • Jordan's Journal Review

    I received my Intentional Educator Journal as a gift and I could not have been more thrilled! As a new educational leadership doctoral student who just also started a new job supporting hundreds of first-generation college students attending top schools across the nation, the journal could not have been more timely. I like the size of the journal, the feel of the pages and the cover, and I love the colors of grey, pink, and orange mixed in together. The structure of the journal is perfect for me! I can fill in the prompts in the mornings after meditating and then in the evenings after a long day of work and a workout, I can use the right side to reflect on how my day went and what I learned. This journal proved immensely useful in my Leadership as a Reflective Practice class which is why I included it in my daily structured practice for my doctoral program. Using the Intentional Educator Journal is a sure way to ensure you remain a mindful, intentional, and reflective leader and learner. I am even inspired to return to my creative writing. Get yours now and journal on!

    Jackie's Teacher Planner Review

    As an educator, I find myself on a quest every summer to find the "right" planner/academic calendar. I go to all the local stores, I search online, and I can never find exactly what I am looking for. Of course, I need a calendar, but I always wanted more than that, and it was one of those things where I would have a hard time explaining it, but I would know it once I saw it. As luck would have it, I was at a conference and I ran into a friend who had this planner. After I ransacked her book, (my friend is very patient and kind) I decided to get one of my own and I love it. I love the fact that there are inspirational quotes throughout, places to write notes and a to-do list for every week. Additionally, in between the weeks, there are pages devoted to self-reflection. The back has a folder that comes in very handy. I love the fact that the months are tabbed so you can access them quickly. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner. I will recommend it to all my friends.


    Amazon Purchaser Review

    This teacher planner is great for all levels of teaching and reflecting on lessons. I love the inspirational messages throughout.

    Lindamichelle's Journal Review

    I am a writer. What separates me from others who are not considered writers is that I write. It seems obvious, but in the last year or so, I've had to remind myself of that fact. So anything that supports my writing supports my best self. When I received my copy of the Intentional Educator Daily Reflection Journal I was thrilled. The journal reminded me of a bible, which elevated any thoughts I would create and enter into the pages. I love the focus on "mindfulness." Not only was I encouraged to write, but I was also encouraged to reflect on myself as a woman, educator, and writer. I am thankful for the opportunity to support my mind and spirit with this journal and to begin and or end each day with purpose.

    Lisa's Teacher Planner Review

    Great Product! The monthly and weekly planning pages are easy to follow and I love the "looking back" pages built in for reflection on my practice. This is a teacher planner every educator can use to improve their organization and productivity, but most importantly it can help any teacher in becoming better at what they do because it was designed for teachers. This is a one of a kind super useful planner.

    Harvey's Teacher Planner Review

    I love this teacher planner. It contains best practices, room to write, and quality paper. I also love the monthly and weekly organization.

    Joan's Student Planner Review

    This student planner changed my life! I was the type of person to just say “I’ll just remember I have to do this that and that” or I would write it on my hand and the task would never ever get done. That really affected my school life, and I would always forget to do my assignments and turn in projects. It even affected my mental health. This planner has so many compartments that helped me get my life on track. It gave me enough space to map out each day, week, and month. It even had sections that focused on mental health. You had the option to do weekly reflections, so it almost forces you to focus on yourself and reflect which I needed. It also offers inspirational quotes that are always nice to look at. This planner is easy to use and perfect for anyone. Best planner I’ve ever had!

  • My Signature Program, 360° Success, supports:


    • Increases attendance, classroom engagement, and motivation
    • Bolsters self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and responsible decision-making
    • Fosters a growth mindset and resilience for staying the course
    • Instills self-management and emotion regulation
    • Improves self-confidence and self-efficacy
    • Teaches effective communication and relational skills
    • Reduces stress and anxiety for greater overall health and well-being
    • Fosters empathy to increase compassion and kindness and reduce conflict
    • Helps students crush procrastination with effective planning and organizational skills


    • Reduces stress and anxiety to avoid burnout
    • Improves overall health and well-being
    • Create strong student relationships and classroom community
    • Increases focus and concentration for productivity and efficiency
    • Encourages reflection to enhance lesson design and implementation
    • Fosters mindfulness, gratitude, and empathy to increase career satisfaction
    • Helps teachers develop and model effective Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) practices



  • The more intentional we are about developing and nourishing our minds, bodies, and spirits,

    the greater our overall ability to teach, learn and live. ~Nicolette

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    About Nicolette

    Dr. Nicolette James is a master educator, certified life coach, trainer, mindfulness practitioner, and certified yoga instructor. She serves as an administrator and full-time educator at a suburban secondary high school and a part-time lecturer at several local colleges. Nicolette is a staunch wellness advocate and results-based mindset and mindfulness life coach. Her passion lies in the areas of goal attainment, self-care, and social-emotional practices for teaching, learning, and living. She coaches and mentors educators and students in pursuing their professional or academic aspirations while cultivating and maintaining holistically healthy lives.


    Nicolette is the founder of NPowered Women & Girls, the parent company of Educating with Intention, a coaching practice designed to support women who work, work out and make it work personally and professionally.


    Skilled in questioning and uncovering practical solutions to life challenges, Nicolette supports teachers and students in developing their best SEL(ves). Her signature holistic coaching program, 360 Degree Success, addresses multiple facets of life and incorporates the theories and practices of mindset, mindfulness, self-regulation, and reflection, which lead to critical thinking, enhanced confidence & competence, and high-functioning self-management. In addition, her practical, action-oriented approach has helped educators and learners achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.


    Native to New York, Nicolette earned her doctorate in Education from St. John’s University, Masters's degrees from NYU, and several additional post-graduate degrees and professional certifications in multiple areas related to her passions and interests. Nicolette is also a certified life coach, physical trainer, and registered yoga instructor.


    Contact her here for PD, planner pricing, and individual coaching information.


  • Services

    I offer group professional development workshops on Social-Emotional (SEL) education

    and 1-on-1 personal & professional wellness and life coaching

    for educators & students.


    Click here to contact me or request samples.

    Let's discuss how I can best support you, your students, or your staff.

  • Resources for Educators

    Take a few minutes for your SEL(f)

    Gratitude Series

    How to Reduce Anxiety Series



    15-Day Affirmation Series

    Find Your Focus Series

  • Sample Guided Meditations

    Dolphin Breaths

    4 mins.

    Body Scan

    5 mins.

    Acknowledging Negative Thoughts

    7 mins.


    8 mins.

    Releasing Sadness

    9 mins.

  • Guided Meditations for Students

  • How to SEL(F) 

    Monthly Messages on Growing and Nurturing Ourselves

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    Most people would describe me as pretty straight-laced, but I've never really been one for...
  • Dr. Nicolette A. James

    Wellness & Success Coaching

    for Educators and Learners

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