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We Will Get Through This

It's been a whirlwind few weeks! Doubtless, we have all had our heads spinning with the daily developments around the Coronavirus. I know it's been stressful, frustrating, overwhelming and perhaps even downright scary for some. It has been for me. And this is why I believe it is even more critical for us to be mindful of our commitment to education during this challenge.

For many of our students, we are the most consistent part of their lives. For some, we provide stability and support. Though they often complain about coming to school or attending classes, they look forward to the predictability and comfort that doing so provides. A snow day here or there is one thing and so is summer vacation. This, however, is something completely different that none of us have ever experienced. This unplanned and indefinite time away from school is producing anxiety and uncertainty for us and our students. However, we are the ones they look to for guidance and we must rely on each other to remain positive and optimistic. Most of all, we must continue to keep the philosophy behind our practices everpresent as we start or continue to transition the look or location of our learning environments. This is a time to be acutely aware of how we communicate our commitment to the tenets of mindset, mindfulness, reflection, and self-regulation.
It would help to view this as an opportunity to innovate our instruction. We must take the time to reflect on not so much “what” we teach but “why” we teach because that is what will inform and sustain the “hows” that we will be challenged to grapple with. Please think about the small ways in which you will continue to provide consistency and stability to our students. How will you continue to be you in a virtual or digital environment? How will you continue to make your content matter?
Many of us don't know what the plan is for the rest of the school year and as people who plan, that can cause anxiety. Trust me, I know. But what I also know about people who plan, is that doing so allows us to be flexible in the implementation of the plans we make and I also know that as Intentional Educators, we take the time to think about and figure out how we will face the challenges that we will be presented with. And I know that we will get through this. We will empower our students to get through this as well. And we will do it with grace and gratitude.
I want you to know that I am here to support our community in continuing to grow with each other in the ways that we will be called upon to do so. We will have to truly practice what we preach by taking care of ourselves (putting our oxygen masks on first), making time to breathe and meditate, eating well, staying hydrated and reflecting on how to implement and improve on what may be for some, new methods of teaching and learning. In any case, we will be here for each other and I will be here for you.
With grace and gratitude,

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