Welcome to another week of remote instruction!

Three weeks ago, I didn't know that I would be teaching all of my classes-- High School and College--completely online.
I can only imagine the additional stress and anxiety I would be experiencing during this pandemic if I did not have training and experience in remote or virtual instruction. I know that is what some, if not most, of my colleagues are experiencing. However, I'm really grateful that I do because it allows me to support anyone in my learning community who does not.
I sent out a message a few days ago letting this community know that I am here to support you and that offer still stands. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need a hand navigating these unchartered waters. I helped a friend practice teaching her online lesson using Google Hangouts. I explained to a colleague how to set notifications so she would only receive one per day instead of one every time her students logged in. I talked through the idea of student engagement with another colleague as he pondered how to redesign his lessons for virtual instruction. I can do the same with you.
To help myself and my students develop new routines to accommodate our current circumstances, I've created a daily one-pager for teachers and students. They are printable PDFs you can download, but if you'd like to request digital versions that you or your students can use online, contact me directly and I will share them with you.
Creating these planning sheets is one of the ways I am making lemonade during this challenging time. I see so many others coming up with awesome and innovative ways to do so as well. It has been a true testament to our profession I am encouraged and heartened because I know that devices, digital apps, and internet connectivity can support and enhance instruction, but they will never replace educators.
How are you making lemonade for yourself, your students, your faculty or your leadership team? Let me know. I would love to hear about it.
With gratitude,

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