My school has only been closed for a week, but it feels like a lot longer. We start instructing our students remotely this week, and I'm excited about that. I miss my students!

I woke up this morning, eager to get my new working-from-home routine started. I took a small detour in the name of research to browse the internet for a few minutes. I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the articles, videos, and social media posts, offering help in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Though presented with many suggestions for what to do while I'm home, I didn't sign up for any workshops or read any articles because there were just too many to choose from. Besides, I didn't find most of the sources, particularly relateable as none are in situations quite like mine.

If there were ever a time where we could find information on what to do and how to do it online, from home, digitally, remotely, or whatever you have taken to calling it, it's now. Everyone is hosting a webinar on how to do everything from restructuring your workday to resurfacing your countertops. It's just so much! But I realize that like everyone else in cyberspace, I have a similar impulse to help. I have been in constant contact with my principal and department members in the effort to support our school in transitioning to home learning. And every day that we've been home, I've been thinking of how I can be a source of support for the Intentional Educator tribe as well. The thing is t I don't want to add to all the noise that is already out there. However, there is a difference between me and some of the others in the coaching industry. I am in a situation relatable to yours. I am an experienced and practicing educator (high school through higher ed), instructional & administrative leader, and learning strategist who, as recently as two weeks ago, mainly wore these hats in various physical locations and will now be wearing all of them from home. I have many tips, actionable strategies, and practical solutions that I can share in many areas explicitly applicable to addressing the challenges of our current situations like productivity, goal-setting, mindfulness, study skills, and even virtual instruction methodology.

But instead of just throwing unsolicited stuff at you when there's so much of it already out there, I'd like to ask you one question that I would like to answer for you.

What would you like help with?

Teachers, do you need to figure out how to manage your new at-home teaching schedule, how to deepen your focus and concentration, mitigate your anxiety or how to plan for and engage kids online when they have been used to learning in a classroom in 40-80 minute periods?

Leaders, would like to brainstorm ways to reimagine your virtual role as an administrator? Or strategize how to connect with your admin team and faculty while still accomplishing your professional learning goals? Do you know what to look for in your assessment of effective online instruction?

Students, are you prepared to learn from home? Do you know how to increase your ability to pay attention and ignore distractions? Do you know how to train your brain to remember more of what you lean every day?

These are just a few ideas, but I am open to all questions that I may be able to help you with. If I don't have an answer, I will find one for you.

I want to save you the time of wading through the enormous pools of information out there when I have so much in my head that my heart wants to share. We are urged to stay inside to stem the tide of this global crisis. We can all still do a lot for each other from there. This is how I hope to contribute.

How can I help you?

With grace and gratitude,

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