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Addicted to Learning? Me too!

Three Reasons Why I Just Can't Stop.

I've known this all along, but being home during this pandemic has confirmed it. I love learning, and while I lolled in bed this morning reading a few more chapters of An Elegant Defense, a book about our impressive immune system, I thought to myself, "Wow. I never knew any of this. What else can I read to learn more about this topic? I visited Amazon to see the list of "Other Titles Related to This Item," eager to find more books that I could add to my cart. As I perused the titles, I began to wonder, besides my evident love of shopping for books on Amazon, what is it about learning that compels me to know more about, well... anything?

Here are a few of the reasons I came up with.

1. I love learning because it's in my DNA. I am an educator to my core, but I identify as a learner. I love to know about things. It doesn't matter what it is. If it's information that can help me have a great conversation with someone or play a good game of couch Jeopardy, I'm all about it. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy studying specific topics in-depth, because I do. My areas of extensive interest and knowledge are related to education and wellness, but in general, I'm curious about many areas of study, and I enjoy knowing a little bit of everything.

2. There's so much to learn. There is no end to understanding the world and the human experience.. The world is so rich and abundant with facts and ideas to explore that no matter how much I read, watch, listen, or otherwise consume information, I feel it's never enough. This feeling, I must admit, is a blessing and a curse (more on that one day), but it fuels my passion for learning.

3. Learning makes me feel good. I feel alive when I am engaged in the learning process. I'd swear that I can physically feel my neurons stretching and growing stronger as well as my brain and heart expanding. The more I learn, the more appreciative and grateful I am to be alive in this time and place that affords such extensive access to information. Learning, for me, is the spark that ignites my teaching because the joy I derive as a learner is an experience that I wish to share with all of my students and that I hope they will experience as well.

Are you addiced to learning? What are your reasons? Leave one in the comments. I'd love to hear about it.

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